WCAC Radio

Welcome to the first ever WCAC radio call-in show hosted by your 2nd favorite CAC blogger, the Wolverine. The Tícallion Stallion was scheduled to appear on this show as well, but it has been leaked that he tested positive for an unknown substance back in 2001 under the CRFCís random testing policy. He is currently on temporary leave from the CAC, but hopefully heíll call in later on. Anyway. for the next half hour we are going to take callers and talk about all things CAC and non-CAC related, so get out those fingers and start rocking the digits.


Wolverine: Man, I am excited about this. Remember ladies and gents, the number is 617-555-CRFC. We really need to change that number. Anyway, itís a free call if you are a CAC member and 75 cents for non-members. Letís get right to the phones. Hello, you are live on the air with the Wolverine.


Caller #1: Hi this is JRod from Medford. I donít have anything to say really, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my girl Abbey. I love her so much and I miss her when I am not near her. Love you

Wolverine: This isnít “Delilah – Love Someone Tonight” call in show, JRod! Maybe I should have set the ground rules a little more clearly. Next caller?


Caller #2: Hi, this is Jill from Acton. Are you free Friday night, say around midnight-ish? If you are, I will text you after I find out whether O’Cal is around.

Wolverine: See, now this is what I am talking about! But you know I don’t go out in the winter unless it is a CAC sponsored event. Next?


Caller #3: Hi, this is Jason from the Somerville/Cambridge line. I see myself turning into a CAC lifer and, well, I just don’t want to turn out to be, well, like you. Being THAT old and still reffing must be really depressing for you. Do you have advice how to avoid turning out like you?

Wolverine: Well, you don’t have any shot at turning out like me with that G.E.D. of yours. Bam, roasted! Next caller?


Caller #4: Hi, this is Michael from Charlestown. I just wanted to say that, and this isnít a complaint, but do you think you can talk a little more about me? I mean, I love the leagues, and please, please, please don’t take this as a complaint, but I really like to hear and see my name in lights. You do a great job, by the way, and thanks for all that you do to make the leagues better. Love the leagues.

Wolverine: And the real 2nd best rebounder in CAC history chimes in. Remember Michael, I don’t chime in on CAC matters – I set the tone! Next caller?


Caller #5: This is the Commish. You do realize you aren’t getting paid for this until you get your write-ups in from last week, right? And I hope you are wearing your CAC shirt. We are running a business here and the players pay good money for this kind of stuff.

Wolverine: How is this possibly part of the league fees? And this is a radio show, for which I have a great face for (and blog photo, evidently)? Next caller.


Caller #6: This is DMac from my Lexus. I just have one thing to say to all of you CAC ballers that are listening out there ñ make sure you wipe off your &^%$in sneakers before you come into the gym! I canít believe I even have to waste my time telling you fools this, but wet sneakers will no longer be tolerated at the CAC. Itís a disgusting habit. Each player with just one ounce of ice or salt on their sneakers will be thrown out of the gym immediately. Thank you. [click]

Wolverine: DMac always follows up his threats with a thank-you. Love that. Next caller?


Caller #7: Hi, this is Jon M. from the Big Nice. I just wanted to finally thank you for the “hello-world” moment that you gave me and Finn back in the ’05 3 on 3 tourney. Before that, I was just a guy who was racking up technicals in the old B League. Now I am widely regarded as one of the best-ever, winning tons of titles with O’Cal, and I have a great CAC girlfriend. Our kids are going to dominate the future CAC b/c Taitlinís kids are going to get thrown out of every game they play in! Especially if you are still reffing as terribly as you are now.

Wolverine: Wait, wasn’t this a thank-you call? Next caller, you are live with the Wolverine?


Caller #8: Brian Ripley here calling from the recently finished roofdeck. Can you talk up this party I am having on Flag Day? We are asking people to wear there favorite nation’s flag as a toga. As always, Iíll supply the beer and hard stuff. Facebook says that there will also be tons of girls, so it should be easy to meet chicks, even for you.  Oh, can you tell O’Cal to bring some girls?

Wolverine: Man, I really need to get on that Facebook thing. Next caller?


Caller #10: Hi, this is Preston from Dorchester. I just want to say that GP just isnít as good as everyone says he is. I mean, if he were black, he’d just be another CAC player.

Wolverine: This argument sounds somewhat familiar. Next caller, you are live with the Wolverine?


Caller #11: This is the Sergeon from JRod’s old apartment that he vacated and moved in with that Abbey. I am paying twice as much rent because of her and have to do the CAC scoreboard just to make ends meet. Can you tell him he still owes me $15 from the last cable bill?

Wolverine: Things would have been a lot different for both of you had I moved in back in 2004. I told you Delilah (R.I.P) was harmless! Next?


Caller #12: Kid, this is Mike D from North Reading, formerly from Saugus, currently at the Cabaret on Route 1. Kid, I just want to say that N.W.O is unstoppable this season. And tell Tibbs he sucks for not letting me have Chise in the B2, kid.

Wolverine: I have loved Mike D. ever since he bought me and Chise McDonaldís after every CYO game in the 6th grade. What a coach! Next?


Caller #13: C’mon Wolverine! [click]

Wolverine: I wonder who that was? Could have only been 1 of 2 people. Next caller?


Caller #14: Hi this is Cuba.

Wolverine: Who?

Caller #14: You know, Cuba.

Wolverine: No, I don’t know. Next caller?


Caller #15: This is the Stallion. You know you are my idol, but this blog would have been so much funnier if I was on the show with you.

Wolverine: I know, but we can’t have you blogging while you are under investigation.

Stallion: Well, I didn’t have time anyway because I am in law school so I donít end up like you reffing games at the CAC for the rest

Wolverine: We have gone over this already! Next?


Caller #16: This is Weapon X from Cha-Ching. Do you have that new Morse ref’s phone number or email? He just looks so cute making calls with all the proper hand gestures, if you know what I mean. Love that guy. If you’re listening, call me!

Wolverine: Maybe this will finally get Weapan X to play better after his 3 year long battle with a mildly sprained ankle. Ecosystems have recoved quicker than this! Next?


Caller #17: This is Caitlin from the Cambridge/Somerville line. I can’t believe JMazz put me on smash like that. I mean, I could play in the menís league and average some of those numbers.

Wolverine: I think an all-star team of the women’s league could give some of those B League teamís a good game of it. Esecially if I was reffing. Next?


Caller #18: Hi, you may not remember me, but I think I met you at the last league night out? You told me how pretty I was and I was just wondering if you still wanted to buy me dinner like you said and then…[click]

Wolverine: Wow, technical difficulties, must have gotten cut-off there. Really sorry about that. Well, we are out of time, so thanks again for all the calls. See you next time on WCAC Radio.