What NOT to Wear: Championship Edition

Today, Facebook told me that it is Dan Watson’s 28th birthday. For those that don’t remember Dan, he was on a number of good Cleary Club squads that could never get over the hump in the B2 4v4 leagues to win a title. Great regular season team, not so much in the playoffs.

In his final season at CAC before moving to Buffalo NY (on purpose!) Watson played in the A Draft league for only the second time. He had a great season, scoring nearly 26 points per game and shooting 52% from downtown. More importantly, Watson’s team “ABUSE”, named after a rookie sign-up page blurb, like all great teams are, won the A Draft Championship on Watson’s shot at the buzzer. He’s the only player to ever retire from CAC after hitting a game, nay championship, deciding shot.

As I was searching through the Wall of Champs to post the link to that write-up on his wall for his birthday, I noticed a trend. It seemed like lately, if you want to win a ‘chip, you better be wearing white on game day. Now Dan’s ABUSE team was wearing blue, but they seemed the exception rather than the rule.

It could have been subjective eyesight, so after finding Dan’s link, I went through and counted all the pictures of jerseys.

See all the hard hitting journalism I do for you people?

I tallied up all the white and blue pictures and, so as not to keep you in suspense, the eye test was correct!

Since 2007, the ‘modern era’ of CAC, if you will, teams wearing white have taken 86 of the 147 championship pictures posted on the Wall of Champs page. That’s a solid .585 winning percentage.

Wear White if you want to Win A Title

In every year except 2011 the majority of teams winning ‘chips wore white jerseys. 2011 is skewed because a number of pictures are missing from that year, so white *could* have won that year. Alas, it was the “Year of Ebon”, we’ll never know.

Keep all this in mind if you get to your league finals next month. If you want to win the game, you better be rocking the white CAC jerseys!


Oh wait, that’s not the breakdown you wanted…here are the numbers