Winter 2012 All Coed Team

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Rory Duyon and myself have always had conversations about who the top men and women in the league are.  There were also some consensus good players, but we really weren’t sure how they fell against the other players across all divisions.  We decided that we should just end the debate and once and for all put together an All Coed Team.

Here’s some of the criteria we followed:

– Team’s record – If you pulled that player off the team, how many wins would they lose.
– Consistency/Attendance – How well did that player do week in and week out and how often were they there.  If there were big drop-offs in production from week to week that hurt the players stock.
– Intangibles/eye test – Does that player make their teammates better without it showing up in the boxscore, does that player make the other team adjust their game plan on both sides of the floor
– Pure numbers – What kind of points/assists/rebounds/PR did the player put up.
– Composure – Did that player step up when it was crunch time, were they trying to do everything there team needed to win a close game, no matter what the task was.
– Alcohol tolerance – Coed is all about post game beers.  Could these players also hold their liquor?

With no further ado, I give you your All Coed Teams and All Snub Team.

1st Team All-Men:
Guard – Kearney(Snowdance) – DW: Absolute pure basketball talent.  His play looks so effortless on the floor yet he flies by people and hits difficult shots with hands in his face.  Great ball handler as well and is the cog in the wheel that is Snow/Raindance and has gone 18-0 in regular season play since they joined the league last fall.
RD: I refuse to say anything nice about him since he single handedly picked my team apart in the semifinals this week with his unstoppable ability to get to the rim and hit ridiculous shots regardless of the quality of defense against him.  Nope…no compliments out of me.
Guard – Newton(Sexy and I Know It) – DW: Newton has taken Coed by storm, he is routinely the best athlete on the floor and scores at will.  He’s been playing all season with his off hand due to a wrist injury, everyone better hope that he doesn’t come back next season 100% because that would spell trouble for any team he faces.
RD: I’m not a horrendous free throw shooter, but I wish I could hit them as often with my right hand as he does with his left…and no…he isn’t a natural southpaw
Forward – Moore(Child, Please) – DW: 21/21/5 with 2.4 spg and 2.4 bpg in the toughest division in co-ed all leads to a 76 PR, absolute monster.  He is a physical presence on the floor and just plays so incredibly smart.  Finishes at the rim and hits jumpers from all over the floor.  Protects the rim about as well as anyone in co-ed.  He gets some pressure taken off having former MVP Mike Reddick on the team, but he still dominates every facet of the game.
RD: Though the nickname “Nimble Hips” may not strike a ton of fear in his opponents, his game certainly will.  Has the size and strength to bang with any bigs in the league and the quickness and touch to keep up with any guard he wants
Forward – Corbett(Western U.)  – DW: Whether he’s hitting fadeaway 3 points, flashing to the basket, or making a spin move and finishing with a dunk this guy can do it all.  The South may not have had as tough of competition as some of the other divisions, but he still dominated every aspect.  Lights out shooter from anywhere on the floor, great defender and rebounder, and incredibly smart and does a great job of finding his open teammates.  Tough match-up athletically for anyone in Coed except for maybe a couple of guys on this 1st team.
RD: Might be the most overall imposing player in the league.  Take Moore’s abilities in the post and add a little bit more range and you’ve got it.  Moore might be a better passer, but those are the only things separating these two.
Forward – Ibrahim(Snowdance) – DW: I’ve only seen him play a couple times, but absolute freak of an athlete.  Damn near impossible to keep him off the glass, especially on the offensive end.  Ferocious rebounder and attacks the rim harder than anyone.  The only knock on his game is free throw shooting, coming in at 54%.  But even if you try the Hack a Shaq strategy you’ll still be in trouble since most teams barely have 1 guy who can hope to contain him let alone 2 if that 1 gets into foul trouble.  Matchup nightmare.
RD:  A big guy who plays big is enough of a pain in the ass as it is, but a big guy who plays as huge as Ibrahim is virtually unstoppable.  He might be the most athletic big man in the entire league.  Doesn’t quite have the touch that Moore does, but his combination of size and athleticism is unmatched

2nd Team:
Guard – Gael(ToonSquad) – DW: This kid has an endless motor and is known as Mr. Quadruple Double.  He is all over the floor, getting his hands in the passing lane, cutting to the basket, just a great athlete who has a serious will to win.  He can take over games on both sides of the floor and is one of those players who is nearly impossible to replicate with his combination of hustle, skill, and athleticism.
RD:  Gael has a nose for the ball and he never quits.  He’s not the biggest or best raw scorer, but he has terrific instincts and he’s an excellent team player.  He doesn’t posses a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear.  It’s full throttle all the time
Guard – Tristan(Wheels of Steel) – DW: We all know what Pegasus can do on the offensive end, he puts Wheels on his back when necessary and can single handedly bring them back into games.  May have the best form when shooting out of anyone in Co-Ed and it shows in his numbers.  Another hustle guy who does whatever his team needs him too.  Note to all future opponents, don’t make him mad, you won’t like him when he’s angry.
RD:  Tibbs gave the nickname “Banner” to Terrell this season, because of the way he stepped up his game one week when he was pissed off.  I would argue that this nickname should have been spoken for by Tristan for several sessions now, but I guess “Pegasus” is good enough.  Playing with him in the B2 league has been one of my best basketball experiences at the CAC.  I haven’t met anybody more competitive than him.
Forward – Reddick (CP) – DW: Leading scorer in the toughest division averaging over 24 points a game.  He can score from anywhere on the floor, whether it’s shooting over 40% from 3 or posting up players and finishing near the rim in all sorts of ways.  When he decides to take over a game there’s not much you can do to stop him, even if you let him take 26 foot shots he will still hit the game winning 3 pointer.
RD: You have to love a guy that appreciates being called “The Big Douche” by his friends.  “Reddick” is one of the few players that is dangerous on the block and 21 feet from the rim.  He’s a fiery competitor no matter what the game is.  Whatever you do, never challenge him in “the dice game”.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably better off.
Forward – Xavier(PuK) – DW: Another freakish athlete, among the league leaders in points, rebounds, and assists.  He’s fast and has a lot of length making it tough to guard him.  Protects the rim very well, not only blocking shots but also altering many shots that opponents thought were going to be easy lay-ups.  Your best bet to stop him is to keep him outside the 3 point line(14%) or put him at the charity stripe(46%).
RD: When i think about how Xavier is an inch taller than me but I outweigh him by 65 pounds, it makes me feel really bad about myself.  If I dropped maybe 40 of those 65 I might be able to jump a little higher…all this thinking about weight loss is making me hungry.
Forward – Swecker(Monstars) – DW: Definitely one of the most well rounded players in co-ed. Can handle the ball, great passer, good jump shooter, but the most underrated part of his game is his defense.  He can defend any position on the floor with his combination of length, quickness, and athleticism. Kevin also showed his unselfishness by adjusting his role on the Monstars a bit to accommodate his new teammate Reddick and his proficiency to score the basketball.
RD: Swecker is one of the few guys out there who can rock a bandana like Stevie Van Zandt.  He’s strong off the dribble, with alarming agility around the rim.  Nobody will talk about this, because his offense is what stands out, but his most valuable asset in my mind is his ability to guard the best player on the other team whether they are a 5’8” slasher or a 6’4” power forward

3rd Team:
Guard – Forlizzi(TWSS) – DW: One word describes this man:  Assassin.  When he gets hot he is lights out.  Very smart player who shoots from anywhere on the floor with consistency.  Puts up  solid numbers in every category but is a proficient scorer and leads a 6-3 team averaging 20 ppg.  This is the type of guy you could build your team around.
RD:  You’d think last sessions ankle injury might have slowed him down heading into this season…at least I would have thought that, but I should know by now that I’m never right about these things.  Forlizzi is known as a shooter, but he’s very underrated off the dribble as well.
Guard – Ramon Garcia(Danger Zone) – DW: Talk about a shooter, Ramon took Co-Ed by storm when he shot 10-14 from 3 in his debut against a very good defensive team in Gang Bang.  He didn’t get a ton of minutes because the Danger Zone bench was so deep but still managed to lead the league in scoring and have solid numbers across the board.  He is a scary player to go against because if he gets hot, it’s going to be hard to stop him because he can catch and shoot and hit with a hand in his face.
RD: A first teamer on the offensive side of the ball, Ramon is one of the best pure shooters in the league.  The worst thing about playing in the four team North Division was having to deal with him three times.  He almost single handedly led Danger Zone to victory over HFTGB, which would have been their only regular season loss
Guard – Ian (BOOM) – DW: Leading scorer on a bye team, shooting just under 40% from 3 and 88% from the line.  Boom leans on him to keep defenses honest with his great, quick jumpshot.  All around good player and fits very well on an athletic team, allows him to roam free and create space for open looks.
RD:  Ian is another one of the best pure shooters in the league, but performance dipped just a bit down the stretch.  Still, if you’re down three with ten seconds left to play, you’d be hard pressed to find a better guy to have on your team.
Forward – Barr(Ball So Hard) – DW: May be the best finisher around the rim in co-ed.  He is such an athlete that he finds ways to control his body to get near the rim and have easy lay-ins.  Uses his length and leaping ability to get to rebounds that would normally carom outside of the paint.  Good jump shooter as well, due to his length he can easily shoot over people.
RD: Great energy guy who gives most opponents fits on the boards.  He causes lots of problems in the paint even though he isn’t the broadest “big” out there.  This is another guy to whom you could apply the ol’ cliche, “he has a nose for the ball”
Forward – Roberts(Seawards) – DW: Great post presence for the defending champs.  Rebounds as well as anybody in the league and does a great job of getting himself into position for good looks at the basket.  Very unselfish player as well, you rarely see him take a bad shot or make a bad pass.  17 ppg and 15 rpg and the #4 PR in the toughest division speaks for itself.
RD: Roberts isn’t the best player in the league.  He’s certainly one of the better players in the league, but he might be the best teammate in the league.  Sure I’m biased, but thisis a guy who just gets it.  He’s out there to rebound and cause problems in the paint, but he has a nice touch on his jump shot, hustles his ass off and gives killer pre game speeches.  He’s one of the few guys in this top 15 who’s “intangible” contributions match his production from a statistical standpoint.

All Snub Candidates(Men):
Jesse Cox(Balls & Dolls) – DW: The only true male guard on Balls & Dolls, he helped make the team more athletic and faster.  He aggressively attacked the basket and outhustled anyone who tried to defend him.  His outside game isn’t as polished as some of the other guards of the All Coed teams, but he beats you with tenacity and aggressiveness.
RD: Jesse was one of my favorite players to watch in the West all season long.  He plays an exciting fast paced game and he’s as good as they come in traffic as well as in the open floor. He was the MVP of Balls & Dolls hands down
Nate Brigham(That’s What She Said) – DW:  Nate is the ultimate team player and competitor.  Despite being a very gifted scorer he always looks to feed his teammates first and get the best open look possible for his team, which is why he routinely leads in APG and is the all-time assists leader.  If his team called upon him to score, he would.  But TWSS didn’t need him to do that so he just distributed, played ferocious D, and rebounded his ass off.
RD: Playing with Nate Dogg is truly a pleasure.  His contributions can’t be measured in points.  He makes everybody on his team a better player. Without his inside presence, “That’s What She Said” would have struggled mightily in a loaded East division.
Slim Jim(BulletProof Tigers) – DW:  Slim Jim can score from anywhere on the floor, virtually at will.  Has a lot of size and uses it to rebound well and take advantage of mismatches.  Good post defender as well.  If he is on, BulletProof is a tough team to beat.
RD:  It’s all about attendance for Slim Jim.  When he was there, the Tigers were very tough to beat.  Without him, they were one of the worst teams in the whole tournament.  He was a big time difference maker

Top Ladies:

1st Team:
Guard – Pamela Robinson(Sexy) – DW:  I hadn’t gotten the chance to see Pamela play until the Final Four, I’d only heard that she was an incredible player.  All the talk was confirmed, she’s got a vicious jumpshot.  She will pull up in the middle of a full sprint and drill an 18 footer in your face.  Great ball handling, smart player and is extremely athletic.
RD:  I love Pamela’s game and the swagger that goes with it.  She’s cocky, but I haven’t seen her fail to back it up yet.  She’s awfully multi-talented.  Last week she sang one of the best karaoke renditions of John Legend’s “So High” I’d ever heard…ok, it’s the only time I’ve heard that song in karaoke, but it’s one of my all time favorites and she NAILED it.
Guard – Lauren McNamara(Gang Bang) – DW:  A big part of two teams that finished the regular season undefeated and made it all the way to the Final Four.  There may not be a better pure shooter among all the females(or males) for that matter in Co-Ed.  Smart player who picks and chooses her spots well, very efficient scorer and an athletic defender as well.  2nd leading scorer on the undefeated Gang Bang squad and connected on almost 2/3rds of her 3 point attempts, unheard of.
RD:  HFTGB was fortunate to have a lot of talent from top to bottom, but L-Mac was easily one of the most important players to our success.  When teams wanted to crowd the middle to limit The Bully and the Minotaur on the glass and keep Swecker from driving, L-Mac made them all pay.  She is an absolute sniper
Guard – Sabra Wrice(Gang Bang) – DW:  I would be more than willing to make the argument she belongs in the top 2 most talented females in Co-Ed(see below for the other member of that distinct club).  Her uncanny ability to finish at the rim at awkward angles is incredibly impressive.  So many times she had to contort her body around the rim to avoid being blocked and still scored.  If we had a top 10 plays list from the North this season she would probably have grabbed at least 4 spots on that list.  It’s a shame this will be her only co-ed season.
RD:  Sabra did a lot of things this session that most of you have only seen out of guys before.  No offense to the ladies, but Sabra is in a league of her own with the acrobatics that she is able to pull off on the basketball court.  Watching her play at Fairfield she left me awestruck on several occasions.  Getting to play with her here was a real treat.
Forward – Nicole Wolff(Seawards) – DW:  Incredible game both inside and out.  Great shooter and ball handler, one of the top female rebounders and anticipates where her teammates will be better than anyone I’ve seen.  She’s the type of player who brings everyone else on her teams game up a level.  Not to mention she’s been able to lock down many other females from this list on defense with her length and athleticism.
RD:  I am so lucky to have played with so many of the players on these teams and Nicole is another one of them.  It’s nice to play with shooters, but its even better when they have confidence and want the ball in a big spot.  When the Seawards needed a bucket, there was no question as to who they were going to try and get it from.  I haven’t seen any girl in this league command that kind of attention.  Terrific player, awesome teammate, incredibly humble.  What more could you want?
Forward – Kelsey Simonds(That’s What She Said) – DW:  Best pure post player on this list, does a great job of drawing contact to get to line and finishes the And1 well with 79% FT shooting.  Matchup nightmare for most teams, forcing them to throw their male post defenders at her allowing one of the other great TWSS players to have a mismatch.
RD:  Still haven’t totally gotten over getting swatted by Kelsey about a month ago.  She’s one of the quietest and sweetest girls you will meet, but make no mistake…this girl OWNS the key. Forget about girls trying to stop her.  She is a matchup nightmare for most guys.

2nd Team:
Guard – Loren Turner(Wheels) – DW:  The Mad Bomber has the ability to kill opponents hopes and dreams by hitting 3 after 3 after 3.  She isn’t afraid to take it to the rim either and has a certain intimidation factor on the court.  Good player on both ends of the floor, key piece to many Wheels wins.
RD:  Aside from the fact that she was one of the deadliest shooters in the East, Loren is absolutely tough as nails and never backs off a challenge.  Like Nicole Wolff, she wants the ball in her hands when the team needs a bucket.
Guard – Caitlin Fenn(WC) – DW:  Knock down jump shooter from anywhere on the floor, comes off screens well and rarely misses an open look.  Good ball handler and is great at finding her open teammates.  She’s also not afraid to post up and scores near the basket efficiently.  Add to that her active hands on defense and you’ve got a pretty complete player.
RD:  I only saw Caitlin play once…and that one time, every step she took, Nicole Wolff was right there.  That’s as tough a matchup as a girl can draw in this league and Caitlin still held her own. That’s a Judy Blinstrub player for you!
Guard – Kimi Soo Hoo(Boom) – DW:  This girl has some serious handles.  I’ve seen her cross up what seemed like all 5 players on the opposing team and maybe even confuse a few of her own players.  46% 3 point shooter and added almost 4 assists per game.  Great all-around player and has a high basketball IQ
RD:  Kimi took her game to another level this season.  I realize that her height doesn’t allow her to get off as many shots as she would like, and she’s a great passer, but I’d like to see her look for that shot a little more.
Forward – Liz Bowen(Boom) – DW:  Defensive force.  She is the best female shot blocker in the league, she forces more altered shots than almost anyone in the league.  Her offensive game isn’t as polished but she makes such an impact on defense with her hard and smart play that Boom doesn’t need her to be a force on the other end.
RD:  Liz doesn’t have the college experience and she isn’t quite as polished as Kelsey Simonds, but she’s only a small step down from the best female post player in the league.  Her short-mid range jump shot is one of the most accurate around and she’s always in position to block or alter a shot
Forward – Christine Daniels(ToonSquad) – DW:  Reigning West Female MVP.  Averaged 17 ppg, 5 rpg, and 2 apg.  Great all around season from a numbers standpoint but she definitely passes the eye test.  She has some great moves on the court and fools defenders regularly with a head fake then a quick move.
RD:  Christine is a pure scorer.  She absolutely carried the Toonsquad offensively for several long periods of time this session. Along with Kaitlin Linehan, she was a part of one of the best female 1-2 punches in the league.

3rd Team:
Guard – Carla Pacione(Danger Zone) – DW:  After her playoff performance against Snowdance, I almost had to bump her up.  She has such a quick release and consistent jumpshot that she spells trouble for most teams.  She gets her jumper off from all spots on the court and with very limited space.  Very polished offensive player and makes teams work to keep an eye on her with her ability to move well without the ball.
RD:  Carla is very sneaky good.  She almost never misses an open jumper and has a very high basketball IQ.  She made it hard to double team Ramon, because she always found ways to get open.
Guard – Letricia Castillo(Drizzle) – DW:  Very good inside-outside game.  Not a tall player by any means, but has good enough post moves to take advantage of most female defenders in this league.  Great body control around the basket and a good outside shooter.  All-around complete game with the ability to lockdown the other team’s best female perimeter player.
RD:  I didn’t get to see Letricia play this season, but the numbers don’t lie.  If she can take a team with DUSTIN and win four games, she sounds like a winner to me!
Guard – Erin Johnson(WoMS) – DW:  Great ball handler and facilitator.  Doesn’t take a lot of shots, but very efficient scorer when necessary.  Such a smart player on both ends of the floor and embodies the fundamentals of basketball.
RD:  It’s easy to see with a glance at her stats that EJ is one of the best passers in the league.  The very definition of a true point guard, she leads and knows how to spread the rock.  EJ is also instrumental to the WOMS from a strategic standpoint.  Few people know the game as well as she does and almost nobody can game plan like her.
Forward – Sara Doherty(WoMS) – DW:  She does a little bit of everything.  Has active hands and picks off a lot of passes, attacks the glass and tracks down rebounds, great post moves as well.  Her defensive game may be the best part, switches to help on D often and in the right spots and plays great one on one D.
RD:  Sara is a matchup nightmare for her opponents.  She draws matchups with lots of guards because she doesn’t have a ton of height, but she is a very savvy post player and gets to the line a ton.  She likes the block, but she’s a terrific defensive player who can also get out and run.
Forward – Caitlin Tibbetts(B&D) – DW:  Excellent shooter from anywhere on the floor.  Utilizes her height to exploit mismatches in the post.  Great at finding cutters on their way to the basket.  High percentage shooter who will kill you if left alone.  Better than her significant other at basketball.
RD:  “Gripp” enjoyed a very strong season despite a sub par record for a normally dominant J-Shore squad.  When she gets touches she usually makes the most of them  with the ability to convert from both long and close range

All Snub Candidates(Women):
Heather Marino (WoMS) – DW:  She is the ultimate team player, doing all the little things to make her team better.  I’ve never seen someone so disappointed to hit an open jumper, but you know she’s thinking maybe two more passes would have led to a high percentage lay-up.  Very good player on both ends of the floor and would make any team better.  One of the most cerebral players in the league.
RD: Marino is one of those players that brings so much to the game that you don’t see in the box score.  There is nothing that quantifies the way she rotates on the help side to cover a screen or the way she denies an entry pass.  She won’t necessarily take over a game, but her role on the WoMS was a very important one.  She also brings a lot of intimidation to a team.  You don’t want to mess with a Billerica girl.
Emily Clawson (Mons) – DW:  Great female scorer that complemented the already very offensively talented Monstars.  I haven’t had the pleasure of watching her play a ton, but I’ve still seen her make some head turning plays in that limited viewing time.
RD:  I don’t think the Monstars had an idea what they were getting when they picked up “Claws”.  It took her a couple of games to get comfortable, but once she did, she brought female scoring like they’ve never had before.  Also, I feel like every sports league needs a “Claws”
Becky Pelletier (CP) – DW:  A far better player than her significant other, I hear that she beats him in arm wrestling as well.  But in all seriousness, very smart player.  Good passer, seizes her limited scoring opportunities efficiently and is always in the right place on the court.  I think she’s an underrated defender as well, does a good job of perimeter defense, even against bigger and stronger guys.
RD:  Becky is almost the guard version of Marino.  The box score just doesn’t fully capture what she brings to the table.  Smart player on a team that desperately needs some brains.  While her taste in men is certainly suspect, her game definitely is not!