Women’s 4v4 Awards Winter 09

As Voted on by the Players!

So I put the decision making process in the hands of the players this season and I’m glad I did.  The return of ballots could have been a little better, but it was over 50%, it’s a good start! It’s also obvious that those of you that did return your ballot thought about your decisions before just checking the boxes!  Some of the results were pretty surprising.  Let’s get too them, shall we??

MVP -Jennie Brown, O’Verine Submarine – By the narrowest of margins, just one point, did Brown Sugar beat out the ROCK as this season’s MVP.  Without Gripp in the picture, I knew it was up for grabs, but that’s a much tighter race than I expected!  Jennie did it all for the Submarine this season, scoring at will, cleaning the glass, getting the hands dirty on defense, everything.  There was a noticable uptick in intensity and effort when she was on the floor for the Sub, a leader by her actions more than her words.  The rest of the league saw fit to dub her the MVP, and I can find no fault with them for doing so!
Runner Up: Nicole LaRocque
RoY -Jen Lawless, Flying Cockpit – This was as close to a vote being unanimous as we got.  Sure she didn’t receive every first place vote, but no one came closer to getting all of them then Jen did in consideration for the 4v4 Rookie of the Year (season) award.  And for good reason too.  Her monsterous numbers (some might say mythical, like the Lochness Monster, but that’s just those people) back up her potential to be a game changer all Wall Ball Arena. 17 points, 13 boards and over 4 blocks a game.  Yea, that’s what you like to call immediate impact!
Runner Up: Loren Turner

Defensive Player of the Season – Miriam Godfrey, CAC’d N Loaded – The Nose is always in the top 2 in the Defensive Player of the Season runnings, and this time around, her peers voted for her as the winner. It was a close race with a lot of different players vying for the respect and award, but in the end, Miriam pulled away.  She’s constantly at the top of the league in steals and blocks with her great timing and footwork, and it helps that she’s the best rebounding guard that league has seen.  There’s not much more I can say about her D that I haven’t in the past, just keep the ball away from her!!
Runner Up: Nicole Warder

Offensive Player of the Season – Nicole LaRoque, CAC’d N Loaded – She didn’t win the MVP race (which I thought was a foregone conclusion, the lesson as always…) but she easily took the Offensive award for this season.  It’s kind of fitting that the Offensive and Defensive players of the season came from the team that was at the top of the standings from wire to wire.  I think last week’s 41 point outing really sealed the deal for those that had any doubts left about her ability to score.  That’d be the third highest total in a Women’s 4v4 game, if I’m not mistaken.  And I’m not.  Nicole can score any which way, the 3, the herky jerky drive, the patience at the charity stripe, you name it, she’s done it there, and not going to stop any time soon.
Runner Up: Nicole Warder
5th WoMan of the Season – Sam Hughes, Flying Cockpit – Picked up a couple weeks into the season because of severe attendance problems, Hughes, of 5v5 play, made an immediate impact. Sam came off the bench for most of the season, and gave the Cockpit a huge boost on the offensive end, leading the league in 3 point percentage in the regular season.  But it’s not all she did, oh no, the hustle on the defensive end led to over 3 steals a game.  In all, she was a great pick-up for the Cockpit and a huge reason they’re heading into the playoffs with a full head of steam!

Runner Up: Asal Aryan

Most Improved – Jillian Berry, O’Verine Submarine – JBerr won everyone over this season with the improved jumper (even from 3!) and the hustle on defense.  Her early season role as go to scorer really set the tone for the Submarine as they were in the top 2 all season long. I expect more rigorous offseason workouts with accomplished C.A.C. refs and staff members to progress her evolution as a basketballer.
Runner Up: Kristen Patrie
All Defensive Team – This was the team with the most surprises, but that’s why we let the players vote! It’s always interesting to see who they hate playing against and who guards them the toughest, here’s the team!
Miriam Godfrey, CAC’d N Loaded – Miriam’s still got a Nose for the ball, and knows how to go get it
Nicole Warder, O’Verine Submarine – The People’s Champ!
Jen Lawless, Flying Cockpit – You don’t want to challenge her unless you like seeing your shot rattled off the Walls
Hallie Frederick, O’Verine Submarine – Loud, fast, arrogant, aggressive, all the qualities that Hallie, and good defenders, possess
All-Star Teams – Again, as voted on by their peers, the top 10 will represent the Women’s League in the All-Star game on April 21st. The order was determined by total votes.  If anyone can’t make that night, JBerr is waiting in the wings (just missing the team by 6 points) to take over as a replacement!  I’ll split up the teams as evenly as possible the day of the game (after confirming who can make it) and we’ll play from there!

1st Team
Nicole LaRocque
, CAC’d N Loaded – Lost the MVP race, but garnered the most total points in the vote by her peers 90 out of a possible 110.
Jennie Brown, O’verine Submarine –  One more time for the MVP !  Great season Jennie
Miriam Godfrey, CAC’d N Loaded –  The Godess won’t be falling from grace any time soon
Nicole Warder, O’verine Submarine – Runner up for DPoY and OPoY? No wonder she’s a first teamer!
Luana Botelho, Hoosier Third Daddy – Sweet Lu gets an interview and an All-Star nod to wrap up her season

2nd Team
Jen Lawless
, Flying Cockpit – Lawless has the skills and the height to really thrive in Wall Ball Arena
Callie Durbrow, Flying Cockpit – Killah Callie keeps on getting better, she’s dangerous come playoff time!
Kiley Maguire, CAC’d N Loaded – Tidal Wave thrived in her role as bomber without facing any double teams
Hallie Frederick, O’Verine Submarine – The Demon of Defense is oft overlooked, but not any more
Loren Turner, Flying Cockpit – When was the last time TSpin made an all-star game??