Womens 4v4 Awards – Winter 10

Because you earned them

Women’s 4v4 Winter 10 Awards

Ladies, I’d like to thank you all for a great season at Wall Ball Arena.  I know everyone just loved the late start times, new official and scorekeeper.  In an effort to continue to grow the league, we’re moving the start times a little earlier next season, let me know if you want to come back and play!

MVP: Nicole LaRocque, Fill Our Baskets – This was by far the toughest award this to hand out this season.  I’m not sure you can use the old standby of ‘best player on the best team’. Everyone for FOB had a great season and you could make the case for Loren or Gripp to get this award.  Everyone played great for this squad and it shows in the standings, stats, etc.  EJ also has her supporters as does Sweet Lu, but in the end, FOB played their best when ROC was at her best.  The team just clicked perfectly, started the season 8-0 and has a great chance at taking the women’s league title.

RoY: Caitlin Fenn, CacWoWW – Fenn made an immediate splash by leading CacWoWW to a 2-0 record to start the season despite playing on the smallest and most shorthanded team in the League this season.  None of that mattered to Fenn, who gave 110% each night, sometimes for two games at a time.  For her squad, the 2-2 zone was effective and no one expected Caitlin to be the sniper that she ended up being.  Just a great all around season leading the league in PR her first time around.  With stat machines like Gripp, Roc, and EJ that’s no easy feat.  Her play throughout the season was good enough to withstand a late charge by Meredith Lowe, Val Beckwith, and her own teammate, Becky Pelletier.  Speaking of those players…

All Rookie Team – All these Ladies played great in their Wall Ball debut and let’s hope they come back for more!
Caitlin Fenn, Meredith Lowe, Val Beckwith, Becky Pelletier

Offensive PoY – Meredith Lowe, Snickers & Pickles – She thrived in the go-to role for SNP, heck she WAS the offense many weeks but she took it all on her shoulders. Her teammates fed her the ball in good spots, she finished well down low and any time there was a shot coming off the rim, Lowe was there to clean up the mess.
Runner Up: Loren Turner

Defensive PoY – Luana Bothelo
, Pink Ninja Assassins – Sweet Lu returned to Wall Ball Arena and picked up right where she left off. Swatting shots, grabbing boards and being a menace down low.  She was a bright spot in the PNA season that had them missing out on the playoffs, but the Ninjas will be back, and if Lu is anchoring the D, then they’ll be a force to behold!

All Defensive Team – Good luck scoring on a team made of up these players
Sweet Lu, Khalilah Umma, Loren Turner, Caitlin Fenn

GM – Cat Brady, Fill Our Baskets – Me thinks she put it together anyway, but a veritable stable of all-stars on the court at all times, somehow it all worked. It didn’t matter who was shooting the ball, who was playing or coming off the bench, this team just worked. It was put together  perfectly.  about time I gave some recognition to Cat SOMETHING.  Am I right?!

Most Improved – Elizabeth Barker, Snicker & Pickles – This could really be a team award as SNP came on strong in the second half of he season, and Barker’s play had a lot to do with it.  She got more confident in her J as the season went on. You could tell she wasn’t thinking aobut hitting the wall on her drives like in the first few weeks. That’s the toughest thing to get used to be far, and once she did had a heck of a season.

All Stars
1st Team
Nicole LaRocque, Erin Johnson, Caitlin Vestal, Luana Bothelo

2nd Team
Loren Turner, Caitlin Fenn, Khalilah Umma, Meridith Lowe

Honorable Mention
Cat Brady, Luara Jasinski, Callie Durbrow, Val Beckwith

Little bonus for you here, I bet you didn’t expect this.

9:20 PM #1 FOB vs #2 Ringers (+7.5)
Like Uconn v Standford, this is the Finals match-up that everyone expected when the season started.  Neither team let us down this season, only losing to each other along the way to their fourth and final meeting.  What, you guys don’t want to play another best of 3?!? F.O.B. took the regular season match-up 2-1.

The Ringers took the last one, the final regular season game, to prevent a possible perfect season for the Baskets.  Familiarity breeds, what’s that contempt?, competition?, I don’t know what I was going to do with that. These ladies know each others games’ pretty well so there will be no surprises in this game.  Each team has a sshort bench, just 5 players total but don’t expect them to be sucking wind.  They’ll be just fine.

The key for FOB will be to hit their 3s. They take nearly 26 per game as a team, easily the most ever by a 4v4 squad.  In their last matchup they only hi 4 vs the Ringers and were still in the game late. If they can hit at their usual clip (about 9 per game) they have a chance to run away with this thing. Can Cat, Loren and Roc connect from deep?  If Khalilah is giving open looks to Gripp like she did the first time these teams met it will be a long night for the Ringers.

But the Finals aren’t the time for blowouts. No one wants to look bad on Jared’s camera. Val’s play the last few weeks has really brought this squad together and she could be the key difference for the Ringers if they want to ‘steal’ this title from the Baskets.

O’Cal makes his return to the women’s league in a striped shirt (what you wanted me to let the Jumpman ref this thing?!) and I’m sure you’ll all be sooo thrilled to see him with a whistle in his mouth.  Better than what he usually has in there I guess.