Women’s 4v4 League – Sunday Nights @ CAC

Ladies, my Mercedes…

After nearly 2 years away from the game, this is the season that the Women’s 4v4 League is making its comeback.  We’re bringing the league back to its roots.  In the league’s heyday, we had 8 or 10 team leagues that would play every Sunday night @ C.A.C. Of course, O’Cal was reffing then, and some of you remember how much you enjoyed his presence.  We tried to change what worked, and that didn’t work, so it’s back to basics.

For the Winter 2012 Season, the Women’s 4v4 League will be played on Sunday nights @ Cambridge Athletic Club (CAC – 215 First St – Cambridge MA).  Affectionately known as Wall Ball Arena, the smaller court makes for a fast-paced league in which everyone gets a lot of touches during games.  The league is a lot of fun when it’s played! Check out a few of the past ‘articles’ on the league to get an idea of what you’ll be coming back to.

Preview: http://www.cacbasketball.com/tibbsblog.php?newsid=354
Interview: http://www.cacbasketball.com/tibbsblog.php?newsid=427
Awards: http://www.cacbasketball.com/tibbsblog.php?newsid=449

Game Times on Sunday night will start at 5:00 PM and games will be scheduled 50 minutes apart. You can sign up as an individual, where you’ll be placed on a free agent team, with a couple friends or as an entire team.  If you sign-up a full team, we recommend at least 6 players so that we avoid forfeits during the season. We hate forfeits! For that reason, all free agent teams will have 7 players on the team.

This league is a great second league for those of you playing in the Co-Ed 5v5 leagues as it’s being held on the weekend!

Find out more information and save your spot for the women’s 4v4 league using this link: http://www.cacbasketball.com/signup-leagues.php You can also email CACBasketball@gmail.com to save your spot and ask any questions about the league that you may have.

Also, in anticipation of the exciting return of the Women’s 4v4 League on Sunday nights (at C.A.C.) we’re going to keep building the Women’s Only Pick-up run.

As a reminder, the Women’s Only Pick-up Run (Sunday nights @ C.A.C. starting at 5 PM) is the only pick-up run that is free for all basketball players. You can simply show up and play with other players that want to get a run in for a couple hours.  To be added to the email list for the Women’s pick-up, just sign-up using this link: http://www.cacbasketball.com/pickup.php

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