Women’s 4v4 Preview – Spring 09

This is another easy one to hammer out.  Mostly because the league has five teams, but also, because I know them all and all the players.  Once again, I’m going to be pushing hard to get the female vocals to wake up and make an impact on the boards (Go here to sign up: http://www.cacbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php ).  And no, I’m not talking about just Gripp and JBerr, the rest of you too!

Once again, we ran another Draft League, and more and more of the Ladies are getting involved, drafting their own teams and trying to decide their own fate.  I love it and am continually trying to pump up the league, increase recruiting, and putting the league on Blast (but not on Smash, that’s something else entirely).  So here’s the 2nd Preseason Preview of the Spring 09 C.A.C. Basketball Leagues, the Women’s 4v4, take it away!

1. Cream Puff Delights – Luano Bothelo *C, Erin Johnson, Laura Jasinski, Jessica Hurt, Asal Aryan, Katherine Lombardo

Sweet Lu gets into the mix as a first time captain, and look at that, has the Preseason #1 ranking.  Sure it doesn’t mean much of anything in the long run, but it’s a nice feather to put in your cap.  At least someone recognizes that you had a good draft.  Sweet Lu shocked some of the captains by grabbing Magic Johnson (EJ) in the first round, but then smartly paired her with former teammate, LJ in the first.  Nothing like getting the kinks out early by find the rhythm with ballers you’ve run with before.  Jess Hurt was the logical choice to round out the starting four, and the bench is solid, as both Asal and Lombardo contributed big minutes and stats last season.  All in all, this squad is going to be tough to beat but everyone will be gunning for them thanks to the giant target I just painted on their backs.

2. Cream of the C.A.C. – Caitlin Vestal *C, Miriam Godfrey, Catherine Brady, Kristin Fountain, Laura Addabbo (R), Christina Diaz (R)

Man who do you have to sleep with around here to get a #1 preseason ranking?? The 4-Time MVP is returning to Wall Ball after a season off, drafting most of her old Icebox team (where have you gone, Daisy Dukes!?) in an attempt to re-claim the Golden Pump.  Will it work? It will, if the Rainmaker sticks around for the whole season (can we get preseason odds on this?) The Nose lives up to her play the past two seasons, and if Moonboots is willing to bang bodies with the other bigs in the L. Plus the bench is a completely unknown, with a couple women new to C.A.C. gracing it, they have a lot of pressure on them, subbing in for these four with Championship aspirations, are they up to it? Sure that’s a bunch of questions, but it all comes back down to # 9 and her career 64.67 Player Rater in Wall Ball Arena.  When she’s on, there is no reason for this team to lose.  And for those of you wondering, I’m not even going to bother trying to outscore her this season, I’ve been there done that, and I have nothing to gain by proving I can do it again!

3. Hoosier Daddy – Debra Freeman *C, Nicole LaRocque, Erin  Conroy, Callie Durbrow, Missy Jackman (R), Kristen Patrie

This is a powerful, bruising team that is going to win more games than they lose and challenge for the top spot in the league from the opening tip of the season.  How in the Hell did the Slumpbuster fall all the way to the top of the second round?!? Talk about disrespect.  Conroy is going to make all the other captains, and their teams, pay for it throughout the course of the season, as she’ll pair with LaRocque to form as deadly a duo as, well, Mazz and Finn.  And that’s before we even mention last season’s Finals MVP, Callie Durbrow.  After a long, winding road to a championship, Callie has finally had a drink from the fountain of victory, and wants to keep coming back for more.  She’ll be out to make sure she’s not one and done.  There’s a great rotation in this team with Missy, Debra, and Kristen splitting minutes, and once this team figures out how to play together (hint: Conroy post, Callie drive and kick, LaRocque 3) they’ll be knocking off teams left and right.

4. I Pay For It – Jillian Berry *C, Nicole Warder, Hallie Fredricks, Amanda Davidson, Jenn Fitzpatrick (R), Kersten Lamb (R)

In a league with only a few true ‘bigs’ in it, JBerr bidded her time, going with the best guards (in her opinion) on the board before snagging Daisy Dukes early in the third round.  I’m not sure how this squad will match up with the the three physical teams currently ahead of it, but that’s why we play the games!  Hell if we just went by what I said, we might as well hand the Pump and MVP award to Gripp now and get it over with.  But this isn’t entirely about her!  I’m stuggling to see where the bulk of the offense is going to come from.  100 Proof Juice likes to stick with ‘her’ players, but since she won the first Draft championship (a mere two seasons ago) has she lost her touch?  The bench on this squad should play a huge role, as Fitzy, according to her profile, should provide more than just 5 fouls every night, and Kersten Lamb is coming over from the Women’s 5v5 League to lend a hand.  That’s what we need more of, players that play in both leagues! That’s what grew the men’s leagues, it’s your turn now ladies!

5. Multiple Scorgasms – Loren Turner *C, Jennie Brown, Kiley Maguire, Samantha Hughes, Courtney Duff (R), Nikki Petrich

Someone PLEASE tell me how last season’s MVP (as voted on by the players!) Jennie Brown Sugar slipped all the way to #4 in this draft?  I was shocked.  Speaking of voting for your own awards, we’re going to do that again this upcoming season, so I hope you all pay attention! Anyway, not only did Jennie get picked fourth, but her team, drafted by the Baller Formerly Known as SpinCycle, sits dead last in the preview.  Talk about tough love.  I’m just not sure how the trio of shooters (Turner, KMag, and Hughes) fit around JB.  Jennie will have to get a lot of the rebounds herself and make sure the D is as intense as it can be.  I mean, if the offense is bombing away, then anything is possible. And, I could be way off if Courtney Duff, an acquaintance of Turner, ends up being a steal in the fourth round.  Another perk to being a captain, you get to sneak your friends into the draft and pick them late! It should be a great season ladies, it’s now time for some of you to prove me wrong, and others to prove me right!