Women’s 4v4 Summer 08 Awards

Summertime – in the City

This is the last season before we switch over to the widely publicized Draft League for the Ladies.  As such, it’s the last season for the GBears and Icebox to try and win that elusive first championship as a team.  Which one will be able to drink from the Pump of victory, and which will go home disappointed, only being sure that next season will bring the unknown?  Find out Sunday at 7 PM as the GBears take on Icebox for the Golden Pump! I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the awards, so without further ado (about nothing)…


MVP – Caitlin ‘Gripp’ Vestal, Icebox – Make that 3 in a row for the woman who’s absolutely demolished the competition since she stepped foot in Wall Ball Arena.  You can’t even blame me entirely for this being Gripp’s third MVP, as my two predecessors, O’Cal and BWad, got this gravy train started.  Although some have commented that Pack a Vestal hasn’t been her usual dominant self this season; from a pure numbers standpoint, this is actually her best season of the bunch.  A career high in PR, Rebounds, Steals, and Blocks ended up making this an easy selection.  Now all she’s got to do is lead her team to a championship to collect that final piece of hardware that she’s missing.

Runner Up: Sweet Lu


Rookie of the Year – Kate Miller, The Townies – Kate was the offensive force for the Townies as they broke into the Womenís 4v4 league this season.  Some new teams always try to look for the perfect opportunity before shooting, but with the teams in this league, thatís not going to happen.  So it was a good thing that Kate was absolutely fearless and fired away when she thought she had a chance to score.  Heck, you canít score if you donít put the brisket in the basket, and to do that, youíre got to let it fly!

Runners Up: Oyin Aderibigbe, Elicia Niland


Defensive Player of the Year – Miriam Godfrey, Icebox – She barely qualifies with the minimum number of games, but when The Nose was in attendance, Icebox was a completely different team.  Without her, they had to rely on outgunning teams. But with her, they were able to slow teams down, as well as not miss a beat on the offensive end.  She averaged over 5 steals, a career high, and her fastbreakability was a huge reason she turned those steals into 15 ppg, also a career high.  But it went beyond the stats, as sheís the premier ball hawk in the entire L and never backs down from an opponent

Runners Up: Hallie, Sweet Lu


All Defensive Team

The Nose – Steals as far as the eye can see, and from the balcony, I got a great view of all of them

Hallie – Sheís the type of nitty gritty defender that gets under her opponentsí skin and makes them change their game

Sweet Lu – Nearly impossible to score on, so yea, weíre tossing out that game against Daisy Dukes when giving her this nod!

Pack a Vestal – Career highs in every defensive category this season and she just barely sneaks onto the team?  And she thought being with me had its benefitsÖ


5th WoMan of the Year – JBerr, GBears – JBerr always downplays her own contributions in her write-ups and blog, but there is no denying that she steadied the GBears bench this season and made them dangerous.  There was no drop off when Jillian came in to run the point for Hallie, or fight for boards with Lu.  In all, you toss in a few huge statistical games to mingle with her usual steady productivity and you have what amounts to a career season.  Plus she’s in position to become the first woman with 3 Golden Pumps, if the GBears knock off Icebox.  Now if only we could find someone to coach that jÖ

Runner Up: Kailin Meelia


GM of the Year – Callie Durbrow, G Bears – In order to challenge for the Golden Pump, Callie knew that sheíd have to make some fine tuned adjustments to a good squad to make them great.  Enter, stage right, Jillian and Hallie, both of which provided a huge boost to the squad.  JBerr solidified the bench, while Hallie brought a mean streak to the defensive side of the ball and provided the stability at point guard that the G Bears have been missing.  For balancing the squad and making it a contender, Callie is the easy choice for this award.


Most Improved – Sue Kellenberger, Cambridge Hustlers – Sue was definitely timid the first couple games when she stepped foot into Wall Ball Arena.  But the presence of her boo up on the balcony and draining a few js really upped her confidence as she got a few games under her belt.  By the end of the season was jacking from downtown if defenses gave her an inch of room and darting in and out of passing lanes, a complete 180 in just a few short weeks.


Ms Consistency – Julie Moyihan, Cambridge Hustlers – On a team of free agents that definitely had attendance issues this season, Julie showed up week in and week out to play. Didnít matter if she had teammates there, she was around to get a run in and probably played with everyone else in the league over the course of the season.  For that she gets some special loviní from the award committee.

Runner Up: Sweet Lu ñ Always sticking around to play


All C.A.C.

1st Team

Gripp – Keeps adding to the trophy case and seems to be the Consensus Number 1 pick in the draft league next season, can she carry a new team?

Sweet Lu – Easily 1b in the discussion above, and whoever gets the second pick will be happy to have her services and consistency in showing up and on the floor

Callie – Easily one of her finest seasonís on record at CAC and the former MVP is showing that sheís still getting better

Rainmaker – Really dialed in at the end of the season, peaking at the perfect time for her first Golden Pump, itís now or never before Icebox is broken up


2nd Team

The Nose – Steals + Fastbreakability = All-Star

Hallie – Look up tenacious in the dictionary and youíll probably see Hallieís mug shot glaring back at you

Elicia  – Most reliable Townie, hustled every play of every game, and somehow got stuck guarding the oppositionís biggest players, but never caved under the pressure

Oyin ñ Found her groove in the second half of the season, and could be a steal for someone in the draft next season if sheís coming back