Women’s 5v5 Awards and Playoff Week 1 Lines

By BRoach

It was a great season with these women and, even though most games were blowouts, all games were impressive to watch. There were many players who could have come up with the awards below, but there only can be so many players who can walk away with such prestigious awards.

Deirdre Hiort: She may not have had the best ball-handling or best offensive skills, but she guided her team to battle back in many blowouts to at least make the scores respectable. Sure she is sort of crazy, but she makes up for that with heart on the court.

Offensive Player of the Year
Katie Mara: She helped Queen Ballers every week by hitting three after three and was the only player who could take over on the offensive end any week. She made it possible to score on every possession if she so wanted.

Defensive Player of the Year
Deirdre Hiort: She always found a way to steal or block a shot at the right time and she also averaged about nine.4 rebounds a game. She was the best defensive player statistics wise. Sure she fouled every timke she could, but she made up for it later in the game.

First Team
Deirdre Hiort
Vanessa Green
Katie Mara
Maureen Lemay
Lauren McNamara

Second Team
Kenon Kildew
Candi Oshodi
Erin Wagner
Molly Forbes
Allie Moen

Alright well those are all thee awards I have for now. If you want me to add some just e-mail me or just tell me Wednesday.

Here are the lines:
7:00 p.m. – Not Another JShore Reference vs. Occupy The Court – (-8.5)
Not Another JShore Reference lost in the final week heading into the playoffs and Occupy The Court is still undefeated. Maybe NAJR can make a run with their defense, but it will be a daunting task when facing OTC.

8: 00 p.m. – Boston Ballers vs Dougies – (-4.5)
This should be a great game based on the matchup and how well both teams are doing. Dougies lost their last game to OTC and Boston Ballers has won two straight. Dougies lost both time to OTC and would want revenge in the Championship game, but they have to go through Boston Ballers first.

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