Women’s 5v5 Preview/ Mid Season Review

Just call me a sesame seed, cuzí Iím on a roll.

So guest blogger GRIPP is giving some love to the hyper competitive Women’s 5v5 league.  In just its third season at CAC (well it’s not in CAC, but a part of the umbrella – ella – ella – eh – eh – eh…..) the league is growing by leaps and bounds, in terms of numbers and competitiveness.  I’ll just shut up and let Gripp do the rest…

So since I got thrown in to this role as a stat keeper and writer upper I recently started looking back and wondering wtf!? But since I’m in this position here is my boring womens 5v5 season preview. Read it.


The Bee’s Knees

Head Honchos


CAC Blockers

The returning champions are back, without their championship long sleeve tees ahem ahem and added a couple to make them an even more solid contender this season. Make it Rayna was doing damage in the 4v4 and with the Blockers in need of another forward to round out their already incredibly good looking, talented squad she was a perfect fit with MoonBoots in hiatus. In an effort to get the Rainmaker to make things more wet in the gym(eww), Missy was hired as PG which should help Brady get open for more 3 point looks. Conroy and Daisy Dukes will assist Rayna in the paint and form an impressive wall on defense. Gripp is back, though perhaps injury plagued which could affect their offensive production but unlikely given The Rock is playing impressive basketball. Leading the way on defense, and an early favorite for Defensive Player of the Year, the Nose is back and proving she is not so one sided as people thought as she is becoming a threat on offense as well. The Blockers are easily and early favorite, we’ll see how the season progresses.


Pink Ninja Assassins

After week 1, the Pink Ninja Assassins along with the CAC Blockers appear to be the top of the crop despite some significant lineup changes after last season. Captain Morgan thought law school would be more fun than CAC basketball, go figure, which you would have though left some gaps in PNAís lineup. But thanks to JBerrís in with CAC, she picked up a couple of free agents that seem to be working out just beautifully. The Doherty sisters have provided a forward and guard for PNA and Sara Jo, another fresh face is lending a hand on the outside; PNA is going to be strong again this season. Even with Sweet Lu down with an early season injury the Assassins cruised on in week 2 and assuming they donít suffer anymore injuries(knock on wood) I already foresee a playoff battle between them in the Blockers in the future(that the Blockers will win again).


The Cat’s Pajamas

Climbing up the Ranks


Ladies First

Things have changed drastically from the Ladies First of seasons past and now you never know what youíre gonna get. The two mainstays are back, LJay and Air Raid Ashley who can nearly outscore their opponents without help thanks to their textbook jump shooting.  For these gals, itís going to be all about who they get to consistently show up this season. Rumor has it, Erin Magic Johnson will be returning sooner than later after some knee rehab and as if I have to say it, the girlís got game. Those 3 right there need little else but fortunately Ashley brought some friends, Dzifa, Skye, and Amy to round out their squad. Assuming they all show up each week, I donít think Ladies First will have a problem avenging their last season semifinal loss.


The Dark Knights

Since Iím sure youíve all read my writeups because well they are awesome, youíd know that Hurov aka GM of Life has put together not only a solid 4v4 team but a 5v5 team as well this season. I donít know where she found this Maguire girl but well played Hurov, well played. She is ripping it up already this season and making a CAC name for herself perhaps quicker than most can dream.  Other CAC familiar faces like LC are joined with some newbies in Kelli who has got a deadly baseline jumper, Kersten and Kristen who have provided solid play on the perimeter.  Not only has Hurov recruited talent, she also seems to have an affinity for those with names beginning with K.  I guess I know where I stand ever being drafted by the GM of Life.  I’ve seen this bunch play solid defense but predict they find trouble scoring as they are up against some tough competition this season.


The Eel’s Ankle

Consistency is Key



At first glance, the Jumbos look like they might be one of the teams to beat this season after they nearly dethroned an always top contender in Ladies First in week 1. They were down to only 5 in the game but it was 5 that was well organized and run by Jess Powers who has a pullup better than Huggies.  Allison Love has been getting in some extra gym time as she joined the 4v4 draft season and is easily becoming a player to watch this season.  I gotta hope the Jumbos have better attendance this time around as they’ll need their full squad to compete with the talent we’ve had invade the CAC walls.  Kate Stumpo has made her debut finally in week 4 and if you don’t know who she is, google her.  The rust will wear off quickly and soon she’ll be just the backcourt help Powers has been missing as she’ll definitely be able to share in the scoring duties.  


Lady Ballers

The Ballers may lack consistency but they have an arsenal of weapons that I fear we have yet to see. Kandi seems to have attended shooting camp over the 3 week off season and has become a serious threat from the perimeter while newbie Lydia is a threat on both ends of the floor. Her deceiving play kept the Ballers right in the first half against Ladies First in week 2 but unfortunately they havenít found a way to put 2 halves together. By the time this is posted, they might have as it apparently takes me quite some time to get a preview done.  Full of guard potential, consistency will be the key down the stretch for the Ballers.  This is one of those teams where if you lock down one player like JP, Deirdre will make you pay.  Anyone could go off and now that I see that they have my 4v4 teammate Jennie on the squad, I know the paint will be tough to penetrate with her and Sade inside.  Look out league, I think the Ballers have only begun to fight.


The Elephant’s Instep



Team Regis

Exactly. Team Regis is chock full of newbies minus Jen Thompson who if I recall is a nightmare to guard with a sweet jumpshot. But then again, she has yet to show up for a game and theres not much else I can offer. They were faced up against a tough opponent in week 1 and duked it out in a defensive battle in week 2 against the Dark Knights. They may struggle offensively but Proctor seems to be holding things down and leading the way for Team Regis. I imagine it will take a few weeks to get used to the league but expect them to become a strong competitor in time. This just in, Regis has yet to win a game but had perhaps their best all around performance in week 4 in a tough loss to the Lady Ballers.  Just approaching the midway point of the season and things are looking up for Team Regis.


Bayside Tigers

The Tigers are back this season and a couple additions will prove huge in the long run. Above the Lawless is back and already in the running for league MVP. Sheís definitely the catalyst behind the Tigers play and I highly recommend staying out of her kitchen cuzí all sheís cookin up is leather sandwiches. She brought along Sam who hasnít missed a beat being new to the league and has one of the quickest first steps Iíve seen. Their main competition is themselves as they will have to come together as a team to compete this season but I look forward to seeing how they progress.  They may struggle with attendance so if you have any friends out there not on a team, the Tigers are holding tryouts!