Women’s 5v5 Spring 2010 Awards

End of Season Wrap Up

Ladies, I’ve got to say, it was a pleasure taking over for the second half of the season.  I think we all had a good time, no?  Sure it was about 950 degrees in the gym on a weekly basis, and that glare is a pain in the, well, balls, but admit that you had a tiny bit of fun.

Since I only saw half the season, our esteemed official, Mr Koziol, has been oh so gracious to lend me a helping hand.  So, any awards you disagree with were influenced by him. Obviously, any that you like, were all me and I overturned his stupid suggestion!

With that being said, it’s time to start thinking about next season as we look back at what went down in the Spring 2010 season! if you want to play in the fall here’s the link (Fall 2010 Info). Send an email toCACBasketball@gmail.com to save your spot!

Oh, and if you head to the Message Boards, you can comment on them and tell me what you think!

Women’s 5v5 Spring 2010 Awards

MVP: Katie McNamara, CAC Me If You Can – LaRoc was the front runner for the first half of the season before she went down with an injury.  In her place, McNamara stepped her game up in a big way.  Tall way, even.  The Harpy flirted with a QDub one week, the next simply put up a 20/20 line.  No biggie.  Her health is obviously the big question mark for CAC Me as we head into the postseason, but you know what, this is a regular season award, and no one dominated the league like she did!
Runners Up: LaRoc, BRM, Fenn

RoY: Mary Flaherty, TENacious Ballers – These awards are going to be dominated by the top two teams, so it’s good to see the second award of the bunch got to someone new!  Mary ran the point flawlessly for TEN, distributing when necessary and jacking when her team needed big buckets. From what I saw it was a great debut into the CAC Leagues, and I hope she (and TEN) stick around! 

All Rookie Team

Mary Flaherty, Jill Downer, Kerry Casey, Krysten Hickey, Tarah Snee

Offensive PoY: Loren Turner, CAC Me If You Can – Loren didn’t just lead the league in 3s made and hand out a number of dimes every night, she hit huge shots for her team week in and week out (when they were challenged).  Sure this team had a ton of options, but she was the engine that drove the car to victory on a weekly basis.  Keep firing away Turner!

Defensive PoY: Jess Hurt, Pink Ninja Assassins – So many directions this award could have gone, but I like to spread the love, so the Little Big Hurt, aka the Bruce Bowen of the Women’s leagues, wins this award.  It’s rightfully hers, she usually owns it in the 4v4 leagues as well.  Hurt sets the tone for PNA, often pressing when the situation requires and causing a copious amount of turnovers.  You’re all lucky I don’t track that stat. Hell I am too. 

All Defensive Team

Jess Hurt, Katie McNamara, Jess Morgan, Missy Jackman, Jill Downer

GM of the Year: Kristen Fucarile, TENacious Ballers – Straight from Koz’s keyboard, “they have a roster of 15, but everyone who plays contributes and they all seem to play well together.  CAC If Can is the easy choice, but how hard it is to make an all star team of players?  Scratch that, i may have just cost MYSELF gm of the year in B 1 5v5. I mean have you seen my roster? That’s an A league squad…if we don’t win it this season I am retiring from B 5v5.”
Great work Koz, and more specifically, great work Kristen!

Most Improved PoY: Mary Pitek, Pink Ninja Assassins -The Squirt, in her second 5v5 season, Pitek’s numbers nearly doubled across the board.  More aggressive on offense, crashing the boards with reckless abandon and plucking steals out of mid air, Mary had a great season for PNA.  Hell she even blocked two shots this season! Great work all around Squirt.  It doesn’t hurt that she puts up with my barbs, pestesr me on gchat and made her voice heard for the league.
Runner Up: Dirty Dawgs (yes all of them!)

6th Woman: Dayo Gore, Pink Ninja Assassins – Dayo was a great mid season pick-up for PNA and really put the squad over the top in terms of defense and the ability to match-up with CAC Me If You Can.  Coming off the bench she either creates a ton of mismatch opportunities or simply gives BMR a blow without sacrificing any quality on the floor.  If we had a comeback player of the season award, she’d also get that, as Dayo used to play at Wall Ball Arena back in the day. Great to have you back, and nice work this season!

“All-Something” Squad – Whether these Ladies are the emotional leaders, the glue to hold their squads together, or just fiery personalities, I couldn’t let the awards slip by without at least putting their names out there!

Callie Durbrow, Laura Shine, Kim Wolfram, Amanda Davidson, Krystin Hickey, Caitlin Casey

All-Star Squads
 – Ladies, the All-Star Game will be on 7/14 @ 8 PM at the Winter Hill School – yes, right before the final – can we make it happen?! I’m going to send out an email to all the women that made the cut, please respond and let me know if you’ll be in attendance, otherwise we won’t have the game. Let’s make it happen!

1st Team

Katie McNamara, Jess Morgan, Caitlin Fenn, Loren Turner, Missy Jackman

2nd Team

Tory Lyons, Jess Hurt, Mary Flaherty, Kristen Luckey, Becky Pelletier
Honorable Mention

Tarah Snee, Jill Downer, Kerry Casey, Kristen Fucarile, Amy Rilehan

Playoff Lines! 

Slowly, due to my roommate’s influence, I am becoming a gambling degenerate (is there any other kind?!) I’ll put $20 on anything from a game of skill (Dice!) to a game of chance (flip of the coin?! WHY NOT!?).  So if anyone wants to actually put any money on these lines, I’m you’re guy.  But be warned, crazy things can happen in the playoffs, it’s a CAC tradition!

7/7/10 @ Winter Hill

8:00 PM # 2 Pink Ninja Assassins vs # 3 TENacious Ballers (+11.5)

Considering the only match-up of the season for these two resulted in a 12 point win for PNA, I’d say the line is fair.  After the showing PNA had against CAC Me If You Can last night (+5!) you’ve got to assume the pressure is on them to go for Round 3 of their heavy weight fight, this on in the finals!  This team is loaded and everyone shows up every week (except Morgan apparently, where’d she go last night?!) so the consistancy edge goes to PNA.
With TEN, you never know who they’re going to bring but you know they’re going to play well together and put up a fight. If anyone is going to break up the PNA vs CAC final, it’s got be be TEN.  The pressure is on Ladies! Mary’s got to back up that RoY award and one of the 3 Kristen’s has to back up her GM award!  Get out there and fight hard, I expect to be entertained!

9:00 PM # 1 CAC Me If You Can vs # 4 CACWoWW (+25.5)

“Now that’s a lot of CAC”
Koz, as always, with the zingers.
I’m thinking that Katie should sit this one out, that wrist injury looked brutal last night.  CAC Me still has enough firepower and mismatch opportunities to push CACWoWW to their limit and then some.  Sure the CAC Me Zone wouldn’t be the same (what was the deal with switching to man D last night?! You guys never do that!) but I think they can survive another injury to an MVP candidate of theirs.  For one more week at least.
Unless Fenn goes absolutely BANANAS in this one, and Becky is shooting 100%, I fear it will be a long night for the WoWWers.  But one thing I can bank on is them pushing the pace and not giving in despite the score or situation.
That and about 5 glares from Catt Brady…