Women’s Summer League Preview

Okay ladies, I have seen every team once and now I can make my highly educated and professional predictions.  Just remember, if you do not like where you are ranked, tape my comments to your locker and use it as motivation.  However, if you wish to complain about the preseason rankings, direct those comments towards Preston.  I only deal with complements.


1.  Hot Potato ñ To be the wo-man, you got to beat the wo-man and right now, HP is the reigning champ until someone knocks them off their throne.  They have the same exact team but added a stylized King Mr Potato Head as their mascot.  Erin Conroy is almost unstoppable within the CAC walls, Natalie Cohen ranks as one of the premier shooters in the league and Hallie could quite possibly the most polished player in the league.  Jill and Jess always seen to step up whenever HP needs something to be done and truly are the best role players in the league.  Thatís championship chemistry


2.  Black Mambas ñ The team I see with the best opportunity to win the championship besides HP has to be the two-time champs, especially if Jen Thompson makes a comeback. Rhiannon Lee is the most exciting PG to watch and her favorite target is finding Eliza who always finds a way to get open to stick her midrange jumper.  Kristen Hurov is a consistent 20 pt scorer and Lauren Checci is the most under rated scrapper in the league who is always doing something positive for her team.  Darcy Kelly is finally getting the PR she deserves as a lethal scorer and hustler.  Again, the key is Jen Thompson, if she makes a comeback, I predict a rematch of last seasonís finals.


3.  G-Bears ñ If newcomer Katie Lombardo can provide a spark in the paint, the G-Bears could finally have their missing piece to their championship puzzle.  They already have the best two guard combo with Jess and Callie, all they need is an effective center.  Sarah Creighton could be the best on the ball defender in the league and Adrienne McKee always seems to do something positive once the other team underestimates or forgets about her.  Kate Blake was a terrific addition last year and Kelly Allen played great once they dragged her out of the bar to attend a few games.  Again, the G-Bears need Katie to be able to guard the likes of HPís Erin Conroy to make a trip to the championship game.


4.  Hoosier Daddy ñ The crowd favorites are back and making waves again this season.  Abby looks to lead her crew to the promised land after an almost MVP season in the winter. Debra is a formidable #2 scorer, but Hoosier Daddy has two #1 ball handlers in Kate BG and Katie McGraw (who finally took a shot in week one ñ she hit it too).  Kate and Katie can flat out handle the rock and Allison and Anna are terrific defenders, but Hoosier Daddy will struggle to score points.  Their only chance is to ride their defense to a championship game, which is a plausible possibility with their defensive talent.  Either way, Im sure Hoosier Daddy will win or lose with style and class.


5.  Hustle & Flow ñ The key to this team is TOís attendance.  When TO is draining her outside shots the D gets stretched enough for Cayrn to get to the rack.  Last season, they didnít have one game when TO and Caryn scored 20 a piece and that is exactly what Hustle & Flow needs if they want a shot at the championship.  Tara K and Robyn are phenomenal hustle players who always are a threat to drop double digits in scoring and Carly Kershaw is a great addition down low, but the key could be the play of Rookie Miriam Godfrey, who had an impressive debut.


6.  Icebox ñ Welcome to the league, Icebox and just like in prison if you want respect, you gotta earn it.  I mean you are playing in a prison sized b-ball court so you can see why we adopted the mentality.  Already I can tell with Cathryn Bradyís sensational shooting and Kristin Fountainís all around play, Icebox will be competitive.  Kali McNeil and Nicole Downing are great rebounders and provide a solid inside presence, while Jessica Metafora is a good hustle player.  However, with Hoosier Daddy dropping 45 points on them, I see their one weakness will be defense.  Icebox will need to work extremely hard against some of the more offensively threatening teams or they could have a long season, but weíre glad to have you in the league and at least I wish you the best of luck.